Hotel PJ Seoul

The Deluxe Triple Family Room of Hotel PJ Seoul

Annyeong Haseyo! :) I just got back from my trip to South Korea and I LOVED IT! We stayed in Hotel PJ Seoul which was few minutes walking distance from Euljiro 4-ga and Chungmuro train stations.

Our room also has a mini living room with extra television set that features all the english channels. Meanwhile, the bigger TV (placed in front of our beds, not in the photo) offered Korean channels.

The bathroom is also very spacious and clean. See the bidet? Seoul makes me feel like I'm in Japan. Haha.
Amenities were incomplete and my Aunt had to buy her toothbrush from the nearby Family Mart.

We also get a daily complimentary of mineral water, coffee, tea, etc.

The only thing I hate about the room is that the lowest AC temperature we could set is 20C and that is not enough to cool down a huge room. I'm just thankful that it wasn't that hot during our stay even though Korea's approaching the summer season.

Let's move on to breakfast shall we? Our reservation from did not have complimentary breakfast but we tried it anyway. Breakfast buffet costs ₩19,800 per person inclusive of tax which I think was a bit expensive.

Choices were very very very limited. Limited to the point that they don't have bacon. NO BACON AT ALL. :( At least they have scrambled eggs though...

...and milk, also cereals. On the other side of the table were different kinds of Kimchi.

Salad bar was obviously packed with veggies and dressings. I still want my bacon. :(

KPOP for breakfast. There's a projector in the dining hall showing stuff related to KPOP.

Overall I'd give this hotel 4-4.5 stars. Hotel was clean and staff were all friendly and knows how to speak english. ;) If you're not a fan of walking around then I suggest you take the free shuttle going to shopping areas or get a cab as fare is cheap compared to Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. :)


  1. Hello...May i know how much does it cost for your triple room?

    1. We booked our room around end of May to first week of June and the rates at that time for our stay went around Php30,0000 for 5 nights. That's roughly USD685.

      Not sure with the rates now but my mom said its higher compared before. Probably because it was the start of the monsoon season that's why we got it cheaper.

      Btw, we booked directly in their website so try checking other sites such as Agoda or Asiatravel for comparison of rates. :)