Seoul Shopping

Since our hotel's located right smack in the middle of Seoul it was a no-brainer that our first stop would be Myeongdong. :) Myeongdong is one of the primary shopping districts in South Korea and considered to be one of the most expensive shopping street around the world. But I may have to disagree for a bit here. It's expensive if you shop in department stores like Lotte, Shinsegae, etc. but not with the stand-alone stores like the ones in the following photos:

Some stores were on sale. Check this out, shirts for less than ₩10,000 or  roughly ₱400!

Oh, and in case you had no idea. Women of Korea probably are the most vain people on earth. There's a beauty/cosmetic shop in every corner! As in every corner! I really felt bad for the pores on my face. Haha.

There's hundreds of local and international brands to choose from. You'll never leave this place empty handed.

Exploring Myeongdong with my shopping buddies Tita Lulu and Mama.

As you can see from our photos it was a gloomy day but no worries 'coz there are street vendors selling umbrellas in case you forgot to borrow one from your hotel.

We went inside Lotte Department Store while heavy rain was pouring outside.

Spotted this fruit/vegetable that looks like a mix of melon, lemon and papaya. Any idea what this is?

Lady in the photo looks like she's making a Korean version of a fried spring roll.

Speaking of food. You'll never get hungry in Myeongdong as there are lots of food carts scattered everywhere offering different kinds of Korean street food.

They're a big hit with locals and tourists. Sadly.. we weren't able to try it out. Looks yummy though! ;)

Korea is best known for all things Samsung but I had no idea they have their own fashion line. Read somewhere that they even have a skincare line! Haha. Cool!

Obligatory tourist shot with Mama and Tita Lulu. We ❤ ♡ ❤ Myeongdong!