Continuation of Sunny Days

Speaking of food, there's a gazillion choices of 'em in Boracay. Name it, the island probably has it. Except for KFC although they have McDonalds as seen in my last post. Haha.

One of the popular restaurants in Boracay is I Love (♥) Backyard BBQ serving mostly sizzling beef, pork or chicken dishes in D'Mall Station 2. Tourists flock this restaurant not only for good food but also their creative wall which is full of fun and witty quotes just like a Tumblr blog, haha. It's probably my 3rd time to eat there but noticed something different with their service.

We had to reserve our seats the day before because...

Those empty seats were reserved to other tourists, foreigners, mostly Koreans. Not sure if they're giving special treatment whatsoever but I noticed that Korean tour guides bring their fellow tourists here. I'm assuming the restaurant gives commission to tour guides but I think it's just unfair. I mean, whatever happened to "first come, first served" basis?

The quality is not the same. Food was probably prepared in advanced and heated na lang.

We just spent the rest of our afternoon walking from Station 2 to 3 and checked out D'Talipapa. :) If you're looking for souvenirs then this is the place to be. Prices are definitely cheaper compared to the stores at D'Mall. Don't forget to haggle for bulk orders. ;)

Done with souvenir shopping and I have no idea why Papa's wearing pants. Hahaha. This is not Cambodia pappy!

Sun bathing.

While waiting for the sunset. :) Happy 60th birthday again Papa! Love you lots! ♥ ♥ 


How awesome does Boracay Uptown swimming pool look at night?! Sarap siguro mag pool party dito. Hahaha.

My sister was craving for something Italian so we tried Aria Cucina Italiana. Hmmm, didn't like our orders. Willing to try it again though. They have a branch in Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig. ;)

Boracay is very much alive and kicking at night so I decided to walk around after our dinner.

Bars are filled with tourists and locals ready to party 'til wee hours of the morning.

Didn't get a chance to roam around that much 'coz I was alone and had to go back to our hotel for our early flight back to Manila the next day. Huhu. Anyway, this was definitely one of those trips to remember. I had so much fun bonding with my parents as well as my sister. Hoping for more trips to come! ;)