Sunny Days

So what did we do in Boracay for 3 days? Nothing but swim, eat, sleep then swim, eat and sleep again. Haha. We went there for my father's 60th birthday celebration and I think we pretty much achieved our goal of just relaxing and having the ultimate family bonding experience. Too bad my brothers weren't there to celebrate with us but that's ok. :)


Trip to Boracay wouldn't be complete without having oyster sisig from barLO! Yummy!

It was sooo good we had to order another for take away. Dulcinea served our breakfast and they were kind enough to re-heat the oyster sisig for us. Haha. Sarap talaga! ;) Wish we had something like that in Manila.

Some hotels were ready for Halloween! ;)

If bored, why not get your hair braided by locals? Haha.

If too lazy to think of what or where to eat there's always McDonalds. Wonder when they'll have KFC in the island? Hehe.

Speaking of food... to be continued.