Sarap Maglakbay sa Bacolod!

Our next stop is Bacolod which is an hour away from Iloilo. We went there via 2GO Travel's ferry, SuperCat. It was a bit of a bumpy ride but thank goodness I popped one of those anti-vertigo meds provided, they really come in handy when traveling by sea. ;) Plus, we get to watch a movie so at least it kind of diverted our attention while on board the ferry.

Here's Ann and Jirbie inside the business class section of the SuperCat.

We were welcomed by the Masskara dancers as soon as we arrived in Bacolod.
They got me so pumped up! Looking forward to attending the next Masskara Festival on October 2014!

One of the must see places in Bacolod is The Ruins.

According to our very funny (and famous) tour guide Roger, this mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson for his wife Maria Braga. Notice the letters "M" in the photo? It stands for Mariano and Maria. :)

The Ruins fountain was restored years ago before opening the mansion to the public.

I'm still in awe by the beauty of this place. It's one of the most beautiful ancestral homes I've seen in my life. Better ask for Roger as your tour guide, you'll definitely learn a lot about the history of this mansion. ;)

We also visited the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental. Can't help but be envious of the architecture I've seen during our short trip in Iloilo and Bacolod. How I wish we have more of these buildings in Manila or at least fully restore the ones we have now. Ang ganda di ba? :)

2GO team brought us to Calea for merienda. I've heard a lot of positive feedback from friends who've been to Bacolod. Being a Calea virgin, I had a hard time choosing which cake to try first.

Here are the cakes we ordered. Photo credit to Jirbie Go of CouchWasabi.

Sadly we didn't have much time left to go around Bacolod. Super bitin! But the fun didn't stopped there! After dinner we all went to the entertainment area to hangout and play games with the bloggers and passengers. I didn't have photos 'coz I was too busy enjoying my drinks and bonding with bloggers that night. Remember I got knocked out the first night? Haha. Bumabawi lang po. :)

The next day we had a few time to spare so I took advantage by getting  a mani-pedi in the salon and spa. :) Afterwards, we attended the cooking lessons by 2GO Travel's Executive Chef Jonathan Pailo Landingin.

Chef JP thought us to make ceviche or kilawin in Filipino. In fairness, ang sarap! Must be the coconut milk he added that's why it tasted soo good. ;)

We then proceeded to the function room for an inspiring talk about travel and social media with fellow bloggers Ponggo of Googly Gooeys and Eco of That Boy Who Wonder.

By 9:00PM we arrived in the Manila North Harbour Port and waiting outside is the black limo of Tagline Communications, Inc. Sosyaaaaaaal! ;)

Oh di ba? Living the life lang of a rich traveller! Choz. They use the black limo for events so yes it's available for rent. Contact Tagline Communications, Inc. if interested. ;)

I feel blessed and really thankful for being invited to this event. Ang sarap talaga maglakbay with 2GO! :)

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Besides Bohol nasa travel bucket list ko rin ang Coron. Tara!!! :)

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**Sponsored post by Tagline Communications, Inc. and 2GO Travel.**


  1. Yey, may trips na ulit to Coron! I think nawala ito for a while, diba? When I went to Coron before (years ago na, actually!) nag-Superferry lang k'me. It was a very smooth ride, we left Manila at around 9pm then woke up the following day in Coron na ö I hope to travel by sea again ö

    1. Hi Leah! :) Malapit lang pala Coron compared to Iloilo. We traveled almost 24 hours just to get there from Manila. I want to go to Coron rin! Hopefully makulit ko ang mga friends to take 2GO 'coz it's definitely recommended for big groups di ba? :)

  2. Glad you got to taste at least Calea. If you have a chance to return, drop by Saigon Cafe, Pendy's and Aboy's.

    1. Hey Michael! :)

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do have plans of going back this October 2014 for the Masskara Festival. Super bitin nung trip but I shall take note of Saigon Cafe, Pendy's and Aboy's.

    2. In Pendy's, try any burger. In Aboy's, try the Sisig. In Saigon, try everything especially the Iced Coffee. :D

      By the way, I do suggest visiting Pendy's first. It's my fave. Lol.

  3. Bacolod looks fun! And travelling via 2go is kinda interesting, great alternative for air travel.

    1. Definitely! Specially when you're with friends! :) Super fun. No delays whatsoever compared to flying out which kind of gets annoying na rin thanks to the air traffic.