Anything Goes

We were slowly but surely getting bored in Macau so Paolo and I decided to go to Hong Kong once more for some last minute shopping. :) Like I said, we don't gamble and we don't have enough funds for other tourist attractions in Macau. Shopping na lang in Hong Kong di ba? ;)

Paolo loves checking out camera shops in Sim City, Mongkok. Check out this very cool  and colorful display of cameras from Pentax! ;)

Some items are really cheap in Hong Kong. For example would be the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Paolo bought for his brother which costs less than ₱3,000. As you can see, I recently upgraded my Instax Mini 7S to the Mini 90 Neo Classic. Kasi naman, I couldn't afford the Fuji X100S so hanggang yan lang kaya ng powers ko. Hehe. Also had to buy films for reselling. ;)

We went back after a few hours and noticed that Villa de Mer added Christmas displays in the lobby. Ganda. ;) Walang masyadong photos from HK, busy kaka shopping. Hehe.

Check out our outfits of the day (OOTD). Sorry, pero mahilig talaga ako mag shorts kahit na ba winter season. Hihihi.

In our area naman hindi problema ang pagkain. Madaming murang restaurants like this Chinese place we went to. Sayang I didn't get the name.

Most of their dishes nasa ₱200-300 ang price range and good for 2-3 pax. This one's their baked seafood rice something dish. It was soooo good! :)

Paolo ordered a sweet and sour dish plus the beef ho fan. Di naman halatang nagutom kami kaka shopping no?

Suddenly missed the cold weather in Macau. :)


  1. Hi, I'd just like to ask: When you bought your Instax camera in Hong Kong, was the included warranty a local one (for HK only) or was it international?

    I'm planning to get an Instax camera din kasi, and I don't know if I should get it from here, or if I should wait until I go to HK late December, and the warranty is a factor. Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Depends on the store. But most instax cameras naman dont exactly have warranty coz they're basically just toys na battery powered. If bought in HK, local warranty lang in HK. But ayun nga, some stores offer international din.

      I suggest you order from LazadaPH. May mga discounted instax sila doon at ino-honor ng FujiPH ang items for warranty. ;)

  2. Hi, ask ko lang.. yung pagdala nyo ng instax film galing hk to php (or php to hk), di ba nadamaged ang films pag nakapass through sila sa x-ray machines sa airport?

  3. Hi, where in hong kong makakabili ng cheap instax films? :) thamks for your really helpful blog :)