Tokyo Sky Tree


Before leaving Sagamihara, we got a Suica card.

Suica cards are prepaid cards used for paying fares on train lines around Japan. It is also used as electronic payments for certain convenient stores and groceries. You need ¥2,000 as initial payment with ¥1,500 credits and the remaining ¥500 is deposit for the card. You may refund the ¥500 before leaving Japan. Decided to keep ours because it has our name on it. Hehe. Souvenir alert!

Everyone is out and about the day after the snow storm. Slowly but surely getting used to the cold weather. :)

Hello to my loveydubs, Paolo. Hihihi.

Anyway, remember my trip to the Skytree last year? Same same ulit! Medyo fully booked ang tower and we weren't willing to wait 'til 8:30PM just to go up the tower. Haha. Stress ka! Di bale, may Tokyo Tower pa naman. :)

Temperature's almost down to zero degrees celsius and our shaking bodies needed something to warm up. Check out 100% Chocolate Cafe., their hot chocolate and pastries tastes soooooooo good! Sarap! Perfect for the cold weather. ;)

We didn't stayed that long but check out the cherry blossom tree we spotted before leaving the Tokyo Skytree.

It was the only tree in that area near Tokyo Skytree station that started blooming. Ang ganda ha! ;)


An hour and half later, we're back in Sagamihara. Just in time for dinner at Toricyuusagaminotei or Sagami.

The restaurant is located at Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Sagamihara 3-1-16, 252-0231

They're famous for their juicy deep fried chicken that really reminds me of our very own Max's or Pancake House fried chicken. Sarappppppp! I seriously wouldn't mind having this on a daily basis. Hahaha.

Day 3 pa lang and I'm quite sure I gained weight. Hirap nito lalo na't winter! Goodluck to us. That's it for now. Will post more about my Japan trip in a while. Don't forget to follow me on FB! "LIKE"!

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