Tokyo Walkathon

February 13, 2014 -- Despite the cold temperatures (like 0-5°C), Paolo and I decided to go out and explore other parts of Tokyo. Last year I remember getting lost with my siblings, not this time though. My cousin was kind enough to lend me his company iphone with unlimited calls, text and mobile data. Downloaded the app and taking the train was easy as 1-2-3.. made me feel like a local! Haha.

Our first stop is Shibuya, considered as one of the city's central business district packed with offices, malls, restos, etc.

One of the prominent landmarks in Shibuya is the huge intersection found near the Hachiko exit.

There's a dozen train lines connected to Shibuya station that why a lot of people cross this intersection.

We didn't stayed that long 'coz it was getting too cold and boring at the same time. Wala kasi kami masyado nakita na puwede mabili or whatnot and most items on sale were winter clothes. Ano naman gagawin ko with winter clothes right? Hihi. So we hopped on the train once more and went to the electronic city of Akiba also known as Akihabara.

Akihabara is the center of anything related to Otaku and anime. In case you're wondering where the other stalls are, they're inside buildings so you must be patient when going around. One of the places we checked here is Yodobashi Akiba. Yodobashi is one of the famous electronic stores around Japan. I actually got a new "toy" from them, watch out for that post within the week! ;)

Paolo got exhausted from our Tokyo walkathon so the next day we decided to just roamed around the nearby city of Machida. Akala niyo siguro nag bike kami papunta dun, train pa rin! LOL.

We went to 109 and spotted my fave store Sly. I wanted to buy but I can't afford. Haha.

The only thing I could afford to buy that day was yakitori sticks.

I find them quite a bit expensive for ¥100 per stick. In the Philippines, wala pa ₱20 isang stick ng isaw! Hahaha.

Say hello to my flight sponsor, Paolo. Thanks again for the gift babe! Mwaahh!

FYI, thrift or ukay shopping started in Japan and not United Kingdom. Hahaha. If you're a fan of thrift shopping then I highly recommend visiting Japan.

Unlike Seoul, counterfeit items are STRICTLY not allowed in Japan. Heck, they know how to authenticate branded bags and other stuff. Masarap mangukay dito, period. Hahaha.

We ended our day by having kaiten-sushi dinner. :)

Ending my post for now. Abangan mga napamili ko sa Yodobashi at ukay! Haha.