Stalking Fail

We were back in the city once more, this time to stalk Bruno Mars. LOL.

But first, we walked near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I just had to touch the darn bridge that is soooo beautiful that it looks photoshopped from afar. Hahaha.

See the teeny tiny people walking at the bridge? They're doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. I wanted to do it but then you have to book in advanced and I'm scared of heights soooo...

We went at the back of Park Hyatt Sydney afterwards where a friend of a friend of my aunt told her that Bruno Mars will be staying here for the Sydney leg of his Moonshine Jungle Tour. We weren't able to confirm if he was indeed staying there so we left after 30 mins. Sayang effort! Haha.

Walking distance from Circular Quay is The Rocks Market.

The Rocks Market offer Australian made products.

Tita Lulu and I both wanted those awesome plates on display but they were too expensive for almost AUD50 or even over!

The Rocks Market also have a offer a food market where we ordered angus and wagyu burger for our late lunch. They were priced at AUD10 each which was sooo good and cheap in terms of Australian standards. Hehe.

We had to go home after our short trip to the city because we needed to pick-up my cousin Jay. Yes, Jay who's based in Japan is on leave and will be joining us for the rest of my Sydney vacay. Class talaga ni cousin, ang dami kasing miles! Hahaha. Jay, if you're reading this... sponsor ka naman ng isang roundtrip ticket diyan! Hihihi.