Sundays at Penrith

Back in Manila, my Sundays are spent having lunch with the whole family enjoying delicious meals prepared by Mama or going out on a date with my boyfriend Paolo. In Sydney, it's a bit different around here. Tita Lulu and her husband John loves eating out. She rarely cooks but that's ok coz she knows where to bring me for good food! ;)

Meet John, he's my Tita Lulu's Johnny babeeehh. Jay and I call him UJ (Uncle John) for short. We're currently at The Coffee Club in Penrith nearby the Nepean River.

I am a rice person and I prefer having something really heavy so I had no choice but to get used to having the usual eggs and bacon or pancakes for breakfast. It's good though, I just badly miss my rice. Haha.

Jay's here, fresh from Tokyo and we're off to Penrith Whitewater Stadium built for the Sydney Olympics back in 2000.

Australia is soooo huge they have enough space to build a man-made lake and river for regatta and rafting.

We also passed by the Padre Pio chapel on top of the mountain.

The chapel is surrounded by trees so the environment here is very very peaceful. I've been feeling "lost" for the longest time now so it felt really good reconnecting with God and thanking Him for all the blessings I've been receiving. ;)

Time for lunch! Ordered angus sandwich with chips. Carbs on carbs di ba? Diet is not an option. Haha.