AirBnB Review: Zena's Seoul Apartment

I know I just got back from Sydney but... oh well, you guys know the drill. Makes me a certified Travel Junkie. LOL.

Two months before our trip, we made a booking with GuestHouse The Hill Seoul. Sadly, for some reason related to the water system, they cancelled our booking so we had no choice but to look for another place to stay in South Korea.  Good thing there's Airbnb to the rescue! Airbnb is the best place for last minute bookings for travelers like us with a limited budget. ;)

Click here for Zena's apartment listing on Airbnb.

A week prior our arrival in Seoul, I sent Zena a message to check if her apartment could still accommodate one more adult. Originally, the listing only had one double bed plus a sofa bed making it good for 3 pax. But that room had problems so Zena had to transfer us to another room which kind of gave us a free upgrade. ;) The room we have now could accommodate around 5-6 pax, it has two double beds and an extra sofa bed. Woot!

What I like about the Elcru Metro City building/apartment is that it's only few blocks away from my favorite shopping district of Myeongdong. ;) Probably takes 10-15 minutes of walk so at least we save a little instead of taking a cab or train.

Her apartment is in a new building so there's really lot of space. On the left is the bathroom and cabinets & fridge are on the right.

The bathroom is also very spacious, clean and complete with amenities.

Zena also provided a huge bottle of drinking water as well as Swiss Miss chocolate drinks and biscuits. Definitely not expected but very much appreciated. ;)

If you're in the mood to cook then you must take advantage of her mini kitchen.

I really love that our room had too much space making it easier for 4 pax to move around. Haha.

Our TV didn't have cable but that's ok. ;)

Zena was kind enough to lend us her portable wifi device which really helped a lot in finding our way to certain tourist spots. I thought we had to pay for rent upon arrival but I guess it's already included in our Airbnb bill. ;)

We arrived at almost 12MN. But instead of staying in to get some rest and sleep, I decided to go out and grab some late midnight snack with my travel buddies.

Say hello to my sister Isha. School's over so she's starting summer with a winter trip to Seoul. ;)

We walked all the way towards Hotel PJ Seoul just to order "Tatang's Fried Chicken".
Sorry, I forgot the name of his stall that's just right outside the hotel. Seoul is quite famous for their Korean fried chickens but I have yet to discover which one is the best. At least I still have a reason to go back right? ;)

Speaking of going back, I have a scheduled family trip to Seoul this December and we're flying via Air Asia-Zest. Air Asia flies twice a day to Incheon. ;) They actually have promos now, check it out:


  1. Thank you for the helpful review!

    My husband and I are travelling to Seoul in July and I was considering renting an apt from airbnb in this area.

    Are there a lot of good local restaurants near the building? Any recommendations?

    1. Hello Lucy!

      To be honest, there are a lot of restaurants around Seoul so it's really hard to choose. Haha. But I really wanted to try Noo Na Hol Dak:

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Angel,

      If I'm not mistaken ang rate before wala pa Php2k per day. Cant seem to access airbnb as of this moment. I sugges you check her Airbnb page here: Makikita naman diyan if magkano na rates niya ngayon. :)