Bulog Island, Coron, Palawan

Our last stop for Coron Nxtcapade tour is the tiny Isla Bulog or Bulog Island which is only 10 minutes away from Banana Island. It is famous for the sandbar that stretches all the way to the neighboring Malaroroy Island during lowtide season.

Malaroroy Island is the home of  Two Seasons Coron.

We arrived in Bulog Island around 2:30 in the afternoon and only have a few minutes left to enjoy the island because we need to be back at port of Coron before sunset.

Jed as a poser guest of Two Seasons Coron. LOL. But to be honest, I'd rather stay in Malcapuya. ;)

Spotted fellow tourists in their kayak. Hi girls! :)
Note: Jed took this photo, it's his way of 'spotify-ing' women around the island.

Not that we're complaining but can somebody explain why we found grey sand underneath all that white sand?

That's me getting a sandbar scrub for my thighs and legs. Hehe.

Dark clouds were approaching so we left Isla Bulog and traveled for another 1.5 hours to get back to the town of Coron. Kuya Larry served us bread that tasted like ensaymada and softdrinks for merienda. ;) Akalain mong may pa-merienda pa pala sila!

When we got back to the port, we got stuck and couldn't move further because it was already low tide. We had to wait for the boatmen to get a much smaller boat that will bring us to the docking area.

While waiting, one of the boatman showed us random creatures from the seafloor including this small sea urchin and a 6-legged starfish.

Of course I requested for more starfish just to take this boobie shot. LOL.

WHAT. A. TIRING. DAY. I really enjoyed this tour. Thanks again to my friend Jed for this treat. ;) He's probably back in Canada by the time he reads this post. Ipon ka na thugz for our next trip ha! Hihi.

P.S. We returned the sea urchin and sea stars safely back to the water.