Coron Island Tour

Isha and I were alone on our second full day in Coron. Jed had to return to Manila for last minute trips and errands before going back to Toronto. We signed up with JY Travel (formerly known as CheapTravel Coron) for a Coron Island Tour that costs ₱650.00 per pax.

There has been a slight delay with our manifesto but the tour guide entertained us by speaking english all the way because we had English tourists on board. I forgot his name but the guide said something like, "We're just waiting for the captain, Captain America." LMAO

First stop of our tour is at the CYC (Coron Youth Club) reef and beach.

I'm not a fan of diving probably because it's an expensive thing to do but at least I know how to snorkel. LOL. But to be honest, I hate snorkeling with a lifevest on. It gives me a hard time swimming but then better be safe than sorry. I know how to swim but I do not trust my swimming skills in 10-20 feet deep water.

Honestly, this is the first time that I've seen colorful fishes and corals while snorkeling. Pictures were taken by the tour guide since I cannot dive that deep, LOL. But what the effff, what an amazing view down there!

Sadly, motion sickness kicked in a few minutes after snorkeling which sucked big time! :(

Of course I can't act like a diva by asking the boat to bring me back to town. I just kept my cool and prayed to God to please take away my motion sickness. It worked but it keeps going back the whole day. Sad. So while waiting for the others to finish snorkeling at the Skeleton Reef, our boat went straight to the nearby Atuayan Beach where we'll have our lunch.

Atuayan Beach

I was seated beside the English couple who are currently based in Vietnam. According to them, Coron is one (if not) the best diving site they've ever been. Good to know! #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

After Atuayan Beach, we went straight to the not so hidden area of Green Lagoon.

 I was feeling a bit better when we got here. This was just few minutes before I jumped without my lifevest on. Kaloka, the water was soo deep (for me atleast, LOL). If I'm not mistaken it was probably 15-20 ft. deep.

I felt nauseous once more so I got out of the water and just took this photo of Isha who snorkeled while sitting on the boat's ladder. How lame right? Haha. She's scared of the water.

Our last stop for the tour is Kayangan Lake.

We had to hike (150 steps going up and another 150 going down) in order to get to the actual lake. This might be my favorite part of the tour. I have this hidden lust for mountain climbing, it's been years since I did something like this. ;)

Here's the obligatory tourist shot upon getting on top of the hill. That tree on my left is freaking annoying. Anyway, the view of Kayangan island cove reminded me of Vietnam's Halong Bay. Ganda! ;)

Another 150 steps down and you'll see Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake is dubbed as one of the cleanest lakes in Asia. The rock formation under the sea looked like moon craters. Water here is probably 80% fresh and 20% salt water making it easier to swim around without using a snorkeling gear. Jumping into the water is not recommended because the rocks beneath are sharp and a little slippery so be cautious when swimming.

Two thumbs up for Coron!

I obviously fell in love with Coron. It is one of those places you need to visit before you die. Not kidding! It's like heaven on earth. Haha. There are a lot of seat sales now from local airlines so I suggest you start booking your trips now for summer 2015! ;)


  1. Hi,

    I would like to know how have you been in contact with JY Travel and Tours.

    I am interested to travel to Coron and I am wondering if you could send me their details?

    Here's my email:

    Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Angel,

      I don't have their details because we're just walk-ins. :( But their office is walking distance from Coron Eco Lodge.

  2. No worries.

    I just want to know if they have a different no. I could call because no one seems to be answering their phones.

    I already made a reservation here in Manila during the Philippine Travel Mart and I just want a follow up with them.

    Anyways, thank you.

    1. When are you flying to Coron? Marami din namang ibang agencies dun so no worries when it comes sa tours.

  3. We are targeting Summer 2015. Wala pang airfare kasi nag-aabang pa ng promo but it looks like malabo na sa promo. Also, nakabayad narin kami ng reservation kay JY kaya ayun.