My Airbnb Bucket List

As a travel blogger, I'm always on the go hopping from one place to another. One of the hardest things to do before traveling (apart from booking airline tickets of course) is looking for a place to stay to your destination. I used to stay in hotels back when I still had unlimited funds from the parents. Haha. But then as time passed by, I realized that I needed to be more practical until I discovered Airbnb.

Airbnb is a trusted booking site for people to list, discover, and rent out accommodations around the world. I started using Airbnb back in December 2013 when I only had a few days left to prepare for a sudden flight to Macau. That didn't stopped there because I used the site once more last March 2014 for a trip in Seoul, South Korea.

That Sheryl's Macau apartment on the left and Zena's apartment in Seoul on the right.

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries. Here's a wish list of the dream homes I wish to stay at in my future travels:

1. Candace's Loft in Hong Kong - This apartment has been in my list for quite some time now. I like the modern feel and size of this apartment which you rarely see in Hong Kong hotels.

2. Steve's Duplex Style Loft in Seoul - Apart from monochromatic themed homes, I also have a heart for modern and colorful lofts like this one in Seoul.

3. Edd's Maisonette in Osaka - My friends and I are flying to Osaka on October 31 for halloween and I think this huge apartment is a great rental place to check out.

4. Judy's Apartment in Australia - Laid back living in the outback anyone?

5. Jeje's Garden Cabin in Bali - The wooden design of this antique country house makes me feel like I'll always be in my moment of zen.

6. Walid's Apartment in Dubai - It's a dream to have that panoramic view of the Persian Gulf together with the amazing man made islands in the entire universe, The Palm.

7. Laurence's House in Paris - Wouldn't it be nice to spend your holidays with someone special and feel like a local in the most romantic place in the world?

#MyAirbnbBucketList could go on and on but going back to the site. Apart from listing your place, did you know that you get to earn plus share travel credits?! Send a friend ₱1,093 Airbnb credit. You'll get ₱1,093 when they travel and ₱3,280 when they host. Isn't that awesome? ;)

So far, I've earned ₱2,186! What are you waiting for?

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