Dazed and Confused

I'm not here to blog about the film. It's just that I am sooo confused right now. I'm flying to Basco soon and randomly thought of getting a GoPro.

I picked-up my cash prize few days ago, perks of winning 2nd place for the #MyAirbnbBucketList contest of Nuffang PH and Airbnb. Thanks again guys! :)

'Hey, I have extra cash! Maybe I should get a GoPro...'.

To be honest, this isn't a 'need' but more of a 'want'.

Weather disturbances in Batanes are quite normal during the rainy season (June-September) so I really think I need to get one because I don't have any water-proof cameras. So far, the cheapest price for the latest GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition in Manila costs ₱17,000 and does not include accessories such as the microSD, monopod, etc. So to make the long story short, mahal magka-GoPro.

Anyway, my boyfriend tried to distract me by sharing his upcoming trip to Singapore. He's going there for work but what got my attention is that he'll stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. WWWHHHAAAT? Sosyal!

The best available rates for Marina Bay Sands Hotel costs SGD420 a night excluding fees and taxes.
Photo grabbed from Wikipedia.

I asked if I can go and he said yes. Come on! Who says no to free hotel accommodation in Singapore? Not me! So I hurriedly scanned the web for cheap airfares and found one that costs ₱7,000 for roundtrip tickets from Manila. SOOOOO TEMPTING! Should I stay or should I go? Haha.

Photo grabbed from Michael Gronemberger.

I had another great idea in mind: For ₱17,000, I could get those roundtrip tickets to SG and an alternative water-proof camera like Fujifilm's XP70 which is definitely cheaper than a GoPro. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Talino noh?!

But then after further research, I guess it's better if I invest in a GoPro. Luckily I found an online seller offering brand new and sealed units for only ₱15,000. Consider that SOLD!

Looks like waksi ang dreams ko of staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There will always be a next time, Maye!

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  1. MBS and GoPro..parehong mahirap i-let go hahahahahaha Im torn too. But yeah, go for GoPro..gusto ko din nyan. Mukhang essential sa mahilig maglakwatsa. :)