Zumba Fitness Party with CalChews

One of the benefits of working freelance is that I'm in charge of my schedule. I get to travel anytime I want and work from any part of the world. ;) Since I have a lot of time in my hands, I make sure that I get to exercise at least an hour per day. My weekly exercise includes boxing and running but never dancing. So I got a bit surprised when my friends from CalChews invited me to the Z Stars Philippines Dance Concert. They're one of the sponsors for the said event and I just couldn't say no to attending fitness events. I mean, why not right? It's something new compared to my daily fitness routine. ;)

The Zumba fitness party was led by certified Zumba instructor and TV personality Regine Tolentino.

The event was held at Market! Market! activity center. Most of the attendees were moms from all over the metro. I even saw groups who came from Laguna! All for the love of Zumba! ;)

Regine's hubby, Lander Vera Perez, was also present during the event. Siyempre hindi nagpahuli ang mga mommies to have their photos taken with him. He looked like he didn't age at all, very bagets pa rin! ;)

Check out this video of the Vera Perez's dancing on stage! I love how they all know how to Zumba. ;) It's definitely an exercise not just for the mommies but for the whole family too!

Dance Diva Regine Tolentino rocking the stage together with Zumba enthusiasts.

I've been trying to figure out how old is Ms. Regine Tolentino. I'm guessing she's between 34-35 years old. To be honest, she looks younger than her age. Of course she's a celebrity and needs to maintain a certain image. But if you see her in person, you can't help but notice that healthy glow. ;)

This fitness event did not only fostered camaraderie among Zumba enthusiasts, but also raised consciousness on the importance of exercise specifically the strengthening of bones. Based on studies, women's bones start to get more porous once they reach the age of 40, thus opening the doors for more serious health conditions. You know what they say.. prevention is better than cure and I couldn't agree more on that.

Apart from having healthy diet and exercise, you also need regular intake of health supplements. Thank you once again to the guys from Pascual Lab for sending these over. ;)

My favorites among the pack are both the C-Lium Fibre and CalChews.

As a traveler, I always experience the 'namamahay' situation so I make sure I always have a box of C-Lium Fibre with me wherever I go. Plus, it helps you lose weight ha! It cleans your intestines by getting rid of the bad cholesterol. ;) And just recently I discovered CalChews. What is CalChews?

CalChews is the only calcium supplement that one can chew like a soft candy. It comes in two delicious variants that calcium takers will surely love – Chocolate and Caramel.

CalChews has found a way to let women get their daily serving of calcium in an easy and tasty way. The chocolate flavor (which btw is my fave!) literally tastes like tootsie roll but of course with health benefits because it contains the recommended calcium level to supplement daily calcium needs. It is also packed with several other nutrients that make calcium function correctly.

With strong bones, women will be able to make the most out of their active life. Thank you once again to the people from Pascual Lab for bringing CalChews in the Philippines. I'm definitely looking forward to attending more fitness events with CalChews in the future. ;)