My First UBER Experience

WHAT IS UBER? Uber is basically a private taxi service. But want to know its difference from a cab? Read on... 

Most of the time I drive or have a driver with me. But last month, my older brother got into an accident so he had to bring his car to the service center for repairs and I had no choice but to share my car. Timing was perfect 'coz I've been wanting to try Uber for the longest time now and I'm glad I finally did.

With Uber, there’s no need to call a dispatcher or hail on the street. Just download the Uber app (available for both Android and iOS), register (you need to have a credit card), request for a ride and track your driver’s progress to your location. Very easy, di ba? :)

I originally requested for an uberX car but the nearest in BGC at that time was a Black Car which arrived in less than 5 minutes. While waiting, I got a notification from the Uber app that had the complete details of the driver, his contact number and the car.

Here's my driver Kuya Meneleo processing my transaction using his iPad provided by Uber.

It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to get to my house from BGC. But since very machika si Kuya Meneleo and very safe yung kanyang driving style, naging 20 minutes yung biyahe. Ok na rin, safety of the driver and passenger will always be Uber's priority. ;)

I also got the complete details of my Uber transaction via email and Uber profile page.

As you can see, I paid ₱217.00 (using the FREE travel credits provided by Uber) which is a little bit more than usual. Flag down rates are higher with Uber Black Cars. Don't worry, you have an option to ride the uberX cars too. Nagkataon lang na I was in a rush to come home before midnight. :)

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P.S. Do you drive or have extra cars at home and interested in using the Uber system? Getting started as a partner on Uber is as easy as 1-2-3 plus you get to earn as much as ₱250.00 per hour. ;) If interested just leave a comment below with your email and will contact you the soonest time possible. Thank you!