Unlucky Day

Can I share something different from traveling? You know.. I just had one of those unlucky days when everything seemed to go wrong instead of right. Tsk.

When John Legend announced his concert in Manila last May, my friends eagerly wait for the pre-selling of tickets and luckily they got front row seats to the concert. Here's a copy of the confirmation sent to their email last July 24, 2014.

They're not hardcore John Legend fans by the way, it's just that they can afford to buy so walang basagan ng trip ok? Haha.

Fast forward to September, just few days away from the concert they got a random email from CrowdSurge and says:

Due to a "system error", they moved my friends to rows 2 and 3.

Who the fuck will believe that reason right? In the Philippines, there will always be a "palakasan system" where one always get what they want as long as they have "connections". They tried to contact the local concert promoter Wilbros Live about this so called system error and the company insisted that front row seats were usually reserved for the management of whichever venue the concert will be held at. BS right? They let it pass and moved on...

Fast forward to concert day, September 26, 2014, I was busy with friends shooting a video for a local soup company and as expected it took longer than usual. I left the shoot at 6:00PM because I had to be at the Araneta Coliseum by 8:00PM.

Araneta Coliseum was less than 10kms away from Paco, Manila. Traffic was so bad lalo na in Old Sta. Mesa area. I arrived around 8:30PM and parked my car inside Shopwise (which was across the concert venue). Buti na lang it took me less than 5 minutes to find a parking slot because my gas tank's telling me I'm running out of gas.

Concert started on time and John Legend was probably singing his 3rd or 4th song when I arrived. Bummer right? Better late than never. It finished around 10:30PM but before heading home I asked friends to bring me to a nearby gas station to get extra liters of gas, para sure na makakauwi ako at di ma-stranded kung saan pa if in case ma stuck ulit sa traffic di ba? Ordered snacks too 'coz I haven't had a decent meal since 10:00 that morning. 

Anyway, I got back at Shopwise around 12:15AM and noticed that they closed the parking entrance which was on the second floor of the building. To make the long story short, Shopwise parking lot closes as 11:00PM meaning I can't get my car.

Tried to explain to the guards and even their supervisor na wala na ako gas kaya di ako agad nakabalik ng parking after nung concert. Dala dala ko pa nga yung gas na nabili ko o! Sadly, dedma sila. Ayaw talaga nila palabasin yung sasakyan ko. Rules are rules daw.

Buti na lang I have the parking ticket with me and showed them their parking conditions. Medyo malabo nga eh. Una sabi nila 11:00PM closing, tapos nakalagay sa conditions 11:30, tapos sa likod nung conditions may 12:00MN. Ano ba talaga Shopwise Araneta?

Nakalagay din na bawal daw overnight parking and may fine na Php300.00. Ok sige, understood ko yan. Pero.. walang nakalagay sa condition na bawal kunin yung sasakyan after 12:00MN. Instant carnapping di ba?

Went back the next day, September 27, 2014 around 7:00AM. Spotted other cars parked inside but not exactly sure if they're owned by Shopwise employees or whatnot. Nalungkot ako ng bigla for my car, kinidnap siya ng Shopwise. This will be my first and last time to park here, I usually park at Gateway Mall or the parking connected to the Araneta Colisuem, nagkataon lang na I'm running late at naubusan na ng parking space.

Ang masaklap pa don, I got a provisional instead of official receipt. Kakapal ng mukha.

Lesson learned... never ever park your car in Shopwise if watching a concert at the Araneta Coliseum. These mofos will not allow you to get you car 'til the morning after. Fuck you, Shopwise. Fuck you very much.