Lacson Tourism Strip Food Trip

MassKara Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines.

The main event of the MassKara Festival in Bacolod is celebrated usually on the third week of October. Actually I flew in from Iloilo and took the ferry boat going to Bacolod. It was a bit tiring because I obviously took the long way. So upon arrival in Bacolod, kain na agad! :)

This is the view along Lacson Street. The crowd gets bigger past midnight. But believe it or not I did not go to Bacolod to party. How am I supposed to party when I'm by myself once more? Hehe. So kakain na lang ako di ba? :p

First Stop: Pepe's Grill - Located at the 2nd Floor of Piazza Sorrento at the corner of 13th Lacson Street. This small but posh restaurant is a block away fom L'Fisher Hotel and serves the best beef salpicao in town according to friends of my brother who are based in Bacolod. I can't exactly tell if it's the best beef salpicao but it tasted good and the beef was soft and juicy na almost melt in your mouth levels na ang feeling. Price wasn't so bad either but I felt that the serving was too small for my hungry tummy. Hehe. It was worth a try though so check it out if you're in Bacolod. ;)

Apart from the salad and pasta dish, another favorite would be their pesto crusted chicken breast dish. Their pesto-aioli sauce is homemade and they serve it with grilled vegetables and your choice of sidings.

Second Stop: Chicken House Bacolod - Bacolod is known as sugar capital of the Philippines. But apart from sugar, marami ding chicken inasal (barbecue) dito. Sabi nila the best chicken inasal can be found at Manokan Country. But then I'm alone kasi and I wasn't in the mood to go around so I just went to the nearest inasal restaurant which is Chicken House Bacolod.

I got a stick of paa (leg and thigh) and petso (breast) with no rice. Pinapak ko lang siya and masarap nga. Lalo na with toyo (soy sauce) and calamansi? Yum!

Third Stop: 21 Restaurant - A friend recommended me to come here and try their version of the batchoy. The place was always packed during lunch and dinner time but I didn't have to wait that long since (again) I'm alone so mabilis lang mag produce ng table at chair for me. Hehe.

Naubusan ako ng batchoy during my first visit so I just ordered fried isul (chicken ass, yes pwet! LOL) and spareribs. Masarap naman siya. But I was badly craving for batchoy that time, lalo na nung biglang umulan.

The very next day I was back in 21 for lunch and I finally ordered their best selling batchoy. Ako lang ba or mas masarap ang batchoy sa Iloilo? Parang nabitin ako sa mga laman-loob at bone marrow. Kulang din siguro sa alat. Anyway, sulit naman ang order coz less than a hundred pesos lang per bowl of batchoy. ;)

Fourth Stop: Tiffany's Confections - Sorry if I'm not including Calea in this post, time to give chance to others naman. My good friend Kevin of Bespoke Man has been bugging me to visit his sister's not-so-hidden cake shop along 8th St. named Tiffany's Confections.

I am not a huge fan of cakes or pastries so I decided to play safe by ordering their best seller mango cheesecake and paired it with a glass of iced coffee. In fairness, it was really good. Yung mango, sweet. I hate ordering mango desserts tapos maasim yung mango. The cheesecake naman tastes good too, tamang sweetness lang. I wanted to bring home a box sana but then mahihirapan ako mag handcarry all the way to Iloilo airport so next time na lang.

Fifth Stop: Lord Byron's Backribs - Eto na talaga, this is it. Save the best for last. This restaurant is nowhere near Lacson St. but still worth a visit when in Bacolod. I went to the original Lord Byron's Backribs near Luxur Place along Magsaysay Ave. which is 10-15 mins away from the Sugarland Hotel. They had another branch daw at a place called homesite but nag close na siya so this is their only branch in Bacolod for now. :)

This photo doesn't give justice to the backribs meal I ordered that costs ₱150.00 with my favorite soda (pepsi). This is by far the best backribs I've ever had in my life. No kidding. It was so good I was willing to order a dozen backribs to bring back home. ANG SARAP. Period. Gusto ko na ulit lumipad pa-Bacolod. Haha.

Nagutom ka ba? Don't worry ako rin. Haha.