Travel Junkie of the Month: Ana Gonzales

During my younger years (sige, to be specific mga 10-12 years ago haha) super active ko na sa social media and online shopping. One of the first online stores that offered handmade kikay products back then is Anagon.

Anagon is proudly owned and managed by Ana Gonzales. I met her through's online forum called TeenTalk. Surprisingly, the site is still up. Check my profile here. LOL. I remember buying stuff from her back in college, kahit nga yung sister ko namimili rin pala sa kanya before.

Anyway, Ana is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Check out her blog: The Fashionista Commuter. Apart from fashion blogging and running her own business, ang dami ding iba pang raket ni girl.

She's one of the founders of Bloggers United, also one of the hosts for MadHouseMNL's MadTVPh and occasionally an instructor for CraftMNL. The list could go on and on but one thing's for sure, Ana is a talented person. The best part of it all, very down to earth. Siya talaga ang magandang example for someone who's beautiful inside and out! Naks! ;) And since Ana shares our love for traveling, of course deserve niya ang title din na maging Travel Junkie! Check out our Q&A below:

  • In one word, define travel. -- Discovery? Haha. :D Dami ko pang ibang naiisip, but siguro discovery - of new things, people, and even more of yourself. Okay, haba na sa one word nun hehe!

Ana spent 8 days living with the Sumilao farmers in Bukidnon back in March 2009.
  • Could you describe the importance of travel? -- There is more to life, that's why I travel. I enjoy dipping myself in things that I am not used to, in a way it can be both positive (to get to know MORE things like culture, food, fashion, people, etc), or negative (my own limits and topak)... But the thing is, I expose myself to newness and to change, which is important from time to time.

White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro
  • How often do you fly, and on what airline? -- Out of country, at least once a year, no preference! I enjoy traveling in different airlines, and discover which has better food, economy seats, even magazine and FA uniform, haha!
  • Do you have a preferred day or time when traveling? - None as well, but mas sulit for me if night travel or super early morning para no time to waste. I just sleep sa byahe, and then pag dating sa destination, sugod na agad!
  • Who books your plane tickets and lodging? Are they personal or through a travel agency? -- I have to admit I am not into pre-travel requisites so my kabarkada or my Ate will do it for me, haha. I am more of the free-rider type. Pag sinabi ng friend ko non, "Ay pupunta ako ng Davao", or "May work ako next week sa CDO", I'll go with her agad agad without thinking twice, basta ayos na ang flight and lodging. Kaladkarin, hehe. Budget nalang iisipin ko.
  • What’s the weirdest question you got from an immigration officer? -- None naman.
  • Window or Aisle? -- Any, actually. Basta hindi masikip or madikit katabi ko, lol. I am usually the type who will ask my travel buddy for his or her preference, paka gentleman lang hahaha.

Check out one of her latest #OOTD (outfit of the day).
  • Are you a light or heavy packer? -- I TRY to be a light packer na, before I have to bring so much things for my "ootd" like hats and different pairs of shoes para bagay, only to regret it kasi bibili at bibili din naman ako kung nasan ako, hehe. 
  • How do you pass the time on a flight? -- Avail ako ng avail ng lahat! First, I browse the inflight magazines. I also order cup noodles (for local flights), or request for more munchies and water. For longer travel hours, I sleep. If I can't, I watch the movies or listen to music until makatulog.

Here's Ana celebrating New Years Eve in Times Square, New York City.
  • In what country or region do you enjoy spending your favorite travel season, and why? -- I've been there once palang naman, but New York City will most probably be one of my "will go back to" travel destination. Locally, I love Boracay and Baguio talaga, hindi ako magsasawa and halos every year andun nako. Haha!
  • Tell us about your most recent journey? -- I just got home last night from a sponsored trip to Baguio with some blog friends and media people. It was super fun and sulit coz Azalea Residences (check out Ana's review of Azalea Residences here.) really prepared a good itinerary for us na different from all my other Baguio trips before. Out of country, it was in the States last December-January, a totally different experience coz it was winter, my whole family was with me, and it was the longest I've been away from home.
  • Where have you traveled and where do you plan to go next? -- Simula nung I graduated college and I earn my own money na, I vowed to "tick" a lot of places just so I can explore different sites even with different travel buddies--starting with Philippine destinations (Coron, Cebu, Davao, Boracay, Palawan, Sagada, LU, Bukidnon, CDO), Asian Countries (Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore), and then States.

Ana getting ready to dive in the coral blue waters of Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. That's Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa in the background.
  • What is your ultimate travel destination? -- Japan next year (Feb-March) for Cherry Blossoms season. Goal is to go back to the US and visit the other States and spend more time in LA with my friends, and of course: Europa! Note to Ana: Make sure you book tickets ng second week of March til April, snow season pa ang January to February!)
  • Travel Tip -- Ipon lang ng ipon, but when you get there--go and splurge! Bawal na mag tipid (you've done your part na before your trip), so eat that "wala sa Manila" dish and wag masyadong mag rely kay 7eleven, hoard sa shoppingan... bawal mag regret when you get home. And of course, document everything and wag lang yung pang Instagram. Bring a quality camera, take lots of photos AND videos. Keep the receipts, tickets, etc in one box. And of course, be a good travel buddy by being friendly but assertive, open to try new things, patient, and flexible.
Thank you for being an inspiration, Ana! Hopefully we get to travel again soon! ;)