Tokyo Tower and Harajuku

That's me at the entrance of Zōjō-ji Temple in Tokyo.

After spending 5 days in Kansai region, we're finally back in Tokyo for the second time around this 2014. :) Our itinerary for the day was to check out the Tokyo Tower and shopping district of Harajuku.
This isn't my first time to visit the Tokyo Tower coz I've been there last December 2012. But being the nice girlfriend that I am, I was more than willing to bring Paolo there for a mini tour. ;)

Paolo was feeling extra generous that day for getting us tickets (¥1,600 per head) to the special observatory that offers a bird's eye view of Tokyo at 250m high. I think it's not worth it though since same lang naman ang view sa main observatory tapos ¥900 lang ticket dun per pax. :)

Check out the kids playing with Tokyo Tower's robotic tour guide, Tawabo.

Konnichiwa! :)

Here's a snapshot of the city of Tokyo.

We had lunch first before heading to Harajuku. Good thing there's an alley (at the back of NEC building heading towards Mita Station, Asakusa Line) of affordable Japanese restos 10 mins walk from Tokyo Tower. ;)

Harajuku is another famous shopping area in Tokyo where you'll find trendy shops, fashion boutiques, fast food outlets etc. This is where young people gather around every weekends in their anime inspired costumes also known as cosplay.

Some stores had really nice items but they're still a little too expensive for me. Haha. Also noticed the long lines to order crepes. I was about to order then I remembered that Japanese desserts aren't that sweet for my sweet tooth.

Before heading home we dropped by Shibuya to visit my favorite (wasteland) store, Loft.
Photo credit to TokyoCraftGuide.

Loft has everything from toys, furnitures, arts & crafts, etc. It's basically like Daiso but with a much higher price since you're paying for quality goods.

I've always wanted this Fuck You Gnome display from German artist Ottmar Hörl since I saw it in Bangkok few years ago. I still couldn't afford so maybe you can get me this for Christmas? LOL.

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  1. Hi are there second hand shops located in harajuku? :)