Tebasaki at Yamachan

Yamachan is a famous izakaya (food chain) in Japan that started in Nagoya. They have around 70 something branches all over the country but 34 of them are in Nagoya. We headed back to Nagoya station where there's a branch of Yamachan (most restos outside the Nagoya station operate 5PM onwards) for our late lunch.

An order of tebasaki (chicken wings) costs ¥500 and has around 5 pcs. of wings.

We ordered 2 tebasaki's and finished them in less than 10 minutes. Hashtag gutom kami. LOL.

The tebasaki at Yamachan is not your usual buffalo wings. They're crispy and tastes a bit peppery with a hint of soy sauce. We specifically ordered ones that are not spicy. Medyo nabitin ako ng konti 'coz they served it with salad. Hello naman.. kanin please! Hahaha.

Here's a busog photo of ourselves waiting for the shinkansen that will take us to Kyoto.

Sayang we didn't have much time to spend in Nagoya. That's how huge Japan is! Hindi kaya ang isang city sa isang araw. Haha.