Toyota Museum

It was a very gloomy day but that didn't stop us in checking out the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology in Nagoya.

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology was established in June, 1994, in Sako, Nagoya Nishi Ward. The museum's mission was to systematically introduce the history of Japanese manufacturing technology to those who will be responsible for its future development.

The museum exhibits textile machinery, which was one of the core industries that helped build modern Japan, and the evolving world of automobile engineering that continues to drive the country's development.

Sakichi Toyoda devoted his life to developing looms. His oldest son Kiichiro Toyoda adapted and developed the loom technology to build automobiles and founded the Toyota Motor Corporation. It is a cultural institution guided by the following core philosophy: the museum strives to communicate to society the importance of monozukuri (“making things”), to which Kiichiro Toyoda devoted himself as he worked to build a domestic automobile industry, and the "spirit of being studious and creative", as recorded by Sakichi Toyoda in his Invention Journal.

Here I am at the lobby of the Toyota Commemorative Museum where you can find the Circular Loom (which is moving/working btw) - symbolizes the museum's core philosophy of making new things.

The most exciting part for me was the automobile pavilion wherein we learned more about the history of automobile technology and industry of Toyota.

Toyota’s first domestically manufactured mass production automobile, the Model AA passenger car, was built back in 1936!

Check out this work of art! This one is a wooden replica of a Toyota BX Truck built in 1951.

The Toyopet Crown entered the American car market in 1957 but didn't do well in terms of sale, hardly even a threat to other car manufacturers since they cost more compared to other imported cars.

Let's move on from the past because this is the future of Toyota, the Toyota FV2, a concept car that made its debut at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show in 2013.

I'm not a Toyota fan girl but I really had a good time in the museum. ;) It's not everyday you get to see how Japanese technology evolved di ba? Next time you're in Nagoya make sure you visit the Toyota Commemorative Museum! Entrance is ¥500 per pax and the plant is apprixmately 5-10 mins. walking distance from Sakou station (Meitetsu Line).