Pacific Waves Inn Baler

Walking distance from Sabang beach is the main building of Pacific Waves Inn, Baler, Aurora. :)

My friend from college is back in Manila for a short vacation and one of our rituals is to go out of town and have the ultimate bonding experience (UBE!). Our destination this time around is Baler in Aurora, Quezon where a friend (also from college) offered to host us during our stay. I'm quite excited because I haven't been to Baler and was really looking forward to try surfing!

Meet Angel, remember her from my Tagaytay post back in 2012? :) We call ourselves B1 and B2 from the popular 90's show Bananas in Pajamas. LOL.

Captured this photo along the way, it looked like we were on our way to Baguio. Haha. Our road trip started in San Fernando, Pampanga so it took us around 4-5 hours (I think) to get to Aurora.

We weren't expecting this kind of (nakakatamad) weather but look there's still a lot of people surfing and enjoying the huge waves of Sabang beach. ;)

Our lazy hormones kicked in and we all decided to stay indoors. Here's the room at the 3rd floor of Pacific Waves Inn. Not exactly sure if this room is already open to the public but the rate for this one is ₱3,500 per night.

The room can accommodate approximately 8-10 pax. Extra mats/bed are available for a minimum charge.

Say hi to my friends Jay, Angel and Faye. :) The stairs I think lead to the roof top which I didn't bother checking because it was raining. LOL.

I forgot to take a photo of our private bathroom that have hot and cold shower. Some parts of the inn are still under renovation but I assure you guys that Pacific Waves is the best accommodation for budget travelers looking for an affordable beachfront accommodation along Sabang beach. :)

Instead of hanging out, we all fell asleep (pagbigyan niyo na, puyat eh!) and failed to have dinner outside. Haha. Here's a stolen photo of us while sleeping around 1:00AM. Angel was obviously up thanks to her jetlagged body clock. Hehe.

Speaking of dinner/food, we noticed that there was a limited number of restaurants by the beach. We tried having breakfast at Costa Pacifica (which was like 5 minutes walk away from the inn) but the receptionist didn't allow us just coz they're fully booked and couldn't accommodate outsiders. Boooo!

Buti na lang Pacific Waves Inn has an open kitchen where guests are free to bring or cook their meals at no extra charge. ;) Interested to book? Like them on Facebook and visit their website here!

P.S. Thank you once again to Marvin for hosting us! I promise to go back soon, within the year of course. Thank you!!!! :)


  1. Got fooled by this resort. We made the reservation on their frontdesk and said that we'll get a room for April 2 Saturday but was corrected by one of the staff saying that it was the 3rd that was a Saturday, out of trust we didn't bother to check anymore and booked that date. I just recently realized that it was the 2nd that was a Saturday and when I tried to call and rebook, 2nd was no longer available and that we'll be charged 50% if we refund. Very nice. I'd suggest to avoid this place as much as possible. There are much nicer accommodations that I would like to think are honest on dealing with customers. Should something unfortunate happen to you on your stay, you can be sure that you won't be covered nor helped.

    Instead of responding to their customers, they block them on their Facebook page. That should tell you all that you need on how they do business.

    Check other reviews on TripAdvisor.

    1. So sorry to hear about this experience but were you able to at least get the name of the staff you talked to? Let me forward this to my friend and hopefully they can correct this issue.

    2. Hi, if your claim that was true, how come you informed our staff that you are pushing thru with your reservation? we tried to contact you to clear up the matter but instead you just told us that you are pushing thru, and this is just a clear manifestation that you were the one who chose the dates that you reserved.(We got screenshots of your txt exchanges) By the way, you personally came and booked, and a booking acknowledgement email was sent to you indicating all the details of your reservation for you to check if correct before confirming your booking. You had all the time to correct it if you find anything wrong with your booking. But after more than a week that the room was held for you, it was then that you changed your mind and want to rebook it with another date, wherein our staffs were very much willing to rebook you should a room be available, however all rooms were already reserved by then.
      Feel free to let us know where we can contact you so we can clarify instead of bringing the issue to the internet.

  2. sir @Marcus, as per checking with our reservations team,it appears that you informed them that April 3 is indeed the best time for your team/group to go to Baler..and we have verified this from your text exchanges and per our guestlists,you have reconfirmed your reservation for Apr.3
    which only shows a clear view of the situation..hope this clarifies everything..Thanks and see you soon :)