Snow Monsters of Zao

Do not be fooled! They're not actually monsters (LOL), these are fir trees at the summit of Mt. Zao that gets frozen during winter season.

While I was busy doing my own thing (aka window shopping) in Tokyo, my friends were feeling adventurous and decided to go on a day trip to the Zao Onsen Ski Resort in Yamagata Prefecture.

The trip to Yamagata from Tokyo took around 3.5-4 hours via the shinkansen. Sulit na sulit ng friends ko ang JR Pass nila 'coz one way ride costs around ¥10,000 na. ;) Please take note that the ski resort is still a bit far from Yamagata Station. My friend said that trains were slower compared to the ordinary trains in Tokyo.

The only way to access the ski monsters is by taking the Zao Ropeway. Roundtrip tickets cost ¥2,600 per pax.

Here's a preview of what my friends saw on their way up to Mt. Zao. Photo grabbed from Zao Ropeway website.

At the end of the ropeway you'll be greeted by the ice monsters. Hi Jamie! Selfie pa more! Hihihi.

My friend said the these monsters were approximately 8-10ft. tall! Wow!

The juhyo's are the most beautiful monsters I've seen in photos. :) Oh how I wish I went with my friends to Yamagata. If you're wondering why I didn't join.. well my lazy ass wasn't in the mood to travel and stay there for a few hours then travel back to Tokyo all in one day. HAHAHA. Yes, ako na talaga ang nainggit. :) If you have time then this is one of the must see places in Japan during winter season. ;)