Shoe Shopping in Harajuku

They say everything's expensive in Japan. My friends beg to disagree.

If you've been following my blog I'm sure you guys remember I went crazy last year when I brought home 4 pairs of shoes from Nike. With a currency exchange rate of $1.00 = ¥119.45 (as of writing this post), you can't say no to awesome deals that Japanese stores has to offer! Check out some of the stores we discovered around Harajuku!

Our goal that day was to look for shoes and first stop was the Nike store.

This was at the second floor of Nike where they had an area dubbed as NIKEiD Studio where you can order your very own custom pair of Nike shoes.

Speaking of custom made Nike shoes, I ordered one last February as a gift for my boyfriend's birthday last March. Sadly, production took longer than expected meaning I was already back in Manila when it arrived at my cousin's house in Tokyo. And yes, the shoes are still in Japan. Anyone here willing to bring it home for me? Thanks!

Going back to shoes.. I found a few pairs that I liked. As for the prices, expect it to be a little expensive since they're brand new and directly being sold in a Nike store.

Since we still have time, we went around to look for the shops between Meiji Dori and Meiji-Jingumae stations. From there we spotted the following stores:


Napagod kami. Halata ba? LOL.

But wait, there's more!!!

Mukhang mission accomplished naman yung friend ko. Basta happy siya, happy rin kami (kahit pagod). LOL