Cozy Airbnb Property in Sydney

Looking for a nice, clean and decent apartment in Sydney? Check out this apartment located in Rushcutters Bay just few minutes away from Sydney CBD.

Paolo flew to Sydney in time for our 11th anniversary (goodness that sounded like a long time, LOL). He applied online and it took approximately 30 working days before he got his Australian visa. We'll be posting a separate entry about that but for now let's go back to this lovely Airbnb property in Sydney.

I'm sure you've read from my previous post that I've been hostel hopping in Sydney CBD for the past month since class started. This time around, I decided why not rent a private room through Airbnb? I'm sure you wouldn't want to spend your anniversary with a love one in a mixed sharing hostel room. :p

Original plan was to rent this private room in a trendy apartment in Surry Hills but sadly the owners had to decline. Good thing Airbnb suggested other affordable properties and that's when we found Kathryn's apartment.

Kathryn's property has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath. She decided to put up the room for rent when her daughters moved out.

Our room was small but had all the basic amenities like the comfy queen-sized bed, cable TV, closet, private ensuite and our own mini dining area.

If I'm not mistaken this was supposed to be a laundry room but then the owners converted it to a small dining area. Which is great at least you don't have that awkward moment where you need to eat together with the host. They were kind enough to provide goodies such as fruits, milk and water. Trust me, this property is wayyyyy better than staying in a hotel. ;)

Outside our room was a very spacious private ensuite. Hosts provided towels, soaps, shampoos, etc.

I thought Filipinos were hospitable but I think the Australians beat us to that. This is probably the first Airbnb apartment that provided almost everything you need when renting a home. The hosts were very welcoming too! ;) Moving on, I failed to take photos of the whole property because Kathryn didn't want me to do so and I respected that. Apparently, Airbnb is still illegal in Sydney (the same with other countries) with fines reaching up to $1M AUD!

Isn't that annoying that local governments don't want to legalize all these awesome startups/companies like Airbnb and Uber? It helps the community. And the more you stop us, the more we want to try out their service. We have our own rights too you know!

Moving on, I hope Kathryn doesn't get any trouble for posting this. LOL. As a travel blog I think I have the right to share my experiences, good or bad. Kathryn's apartment is just divine (one of the best!), highly recommended and best part of it all is that it's located approximately 10 minutes away from Sydney's Hyde Park meaning it's pretty much near everything. ;)

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