Sydney Harbour YHA

Inside Sydney Harbour YHA's 6 share female bedroom.

Before flying to Sydney I struggled to look for a place I can stay at near the city. I've inspected rooms for rent but then some are just too crowded for me. It finally came to a point wherein I had no choice but to look for hostels and my first choice was Sydney Harbour YHA.

First thing that comes to mind when you think about staying in a hostel is budget, which it is actually. Since I'm staying in Sydney for more than month I really needed to have a strict budget. Staying in a hotel or even renting out an apartment is not an option.

Check out their female-only sharing room. Hostels usually provide a locker so don't forget to bring your own padlock. Compared to other hostels, Harbour YHA probably offers the biggest rooms.

Plus all their rooms have their own private ensuite.

Take note though that rooms don't always look that neat and clean, I was just lucky to be the first to check-in. :) But to give you an idea here's a sneak peek of what rooms really look like (specially when most of your roommates are backpackers), click here and here. Moving on...

This YHA branch is built above archaeological remnants of colonial Sydney so most free walking tours pass by to check it out.

What I like most about this hostel is that they offer free Wi-Fi in the lounge area. Plus there's a large fully-equipped kitchen where you can store and cook your own food. 

They also have an awesome rooftop with a BBQ area that has an equally awesome view of the harbour.

Tired of walking around the city? Why not stay in and have a movie night?

Overall I really liked my stay at Sydney Harbour YHA. ;) I'd definitely recommend this place to family or friends traveling to Sydney for a week. Their rates start at $38.00AUD per person per day, that's for the sharing room. Apart from Harbour YHA, I've also stayed at Railway Square YHA and Bounce Sydney which are both clean and is located just right outside Central station.