Sculpture by the Sea

Meditation 2015 # 1 by Seung Hwan Kim

For the past few weeks or so I've kept myself busy doing voluntary jobs all over Sydney. When I say voluntary, I don't get paid (obviously I don't have a proper working visa) but that's ok because I gain work experience here plus I meet a lot of new people too. My latest gig so far is with Sculpture by the Sea.

What is Sculpture by the Sea? Staged on the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi is one of Sydney’s most popular events, with 520,000 visitors viewing over 100 sculptures by artists from around the world. Held since 1997, this free to the public exhibition captures the imagination of Sydney and its visitors for three weeks each spring and is the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world.

This is their 19th annual exhibition which officially opened yesterday and will run until the 8th of November 2015. If you'd like to know more about this exhibit, click here. For now, check out some of the artworks you'll see from Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk.

Half Gate by Matthew Asimakis, Clarence Lee and Caitlin Roseby

Quotidianity "the brothers" by Fabio Pietrantonio

Conspicuous Consumption by Benson Sculpture
Boxed by Harrie Fasher

Ashes to Ashes by Kim Perrier

Space Time Continuum V4 by Clayton Thompson

Man on Ball by Wang Shugang

Divided Planet by Jörg Plickat is the 2015 recipient of the $60,000 Macquarie Group Sculpture Prize

Walking from Bondi to Tamarama is actually tiring but you really can't complain with that relaxing view of the coast.

If you ever do feel hungry, The Grounds of Alexandria have set up their popup shop where you can dine or just grab a cup of coffee or something.

In Pace (In Peace) after Verrocchio's Doubting Thomas by Dacid Horton

As always, you can always take photos of the sculpture but obviously not touch. Share those moments online and you might just win a trip to Perth next year! Details here.

Personal Castle by Yoshio Nitta

Messages from the West by Thomas Quayle

Best to come here during weekdays so that it wouldn't be as packed compared to weekends. Easier to get those shots too when there's a few people. Haha. Enjoy!

P.S. Weather gets kind of weird during this time of the year. Sometimes it's too hot and there are days when it gets cold with a high chance of rain so keep your umbrellas or jackets on hand. ;)