Top 10 Quirky Gifts for the Travel Junkie

You have exactly 9 weeks left before Christmas Day, are you done shopping for gifts?

It's that time of the year once again when you have to start looking for that perfect gift for your travel junkie friend. If you're having a hard time, don't fret! I've compiled a list of quirky items that will surely put a smile to anyone who loves traveling. :)

Currency Money Bank

Are you tired of losing and wasting spare change from your previous trip abroad? The Currency Money Bank has 6 separate compartments for all your different currency! It helps you stay organized and means you can retrieve your chosen money quickly and be out of that door in no time! Customize your Currency Money Bank by allocating a segment per currency using the sticker sheets provided.

Language Bangle

I recently discovered this store in Sydney called Alife Design. They're a Korean company selling stuff useful for traveling. The most useful I've seen so far is this bangle. It doesn't get any more direct than this. Forget language barriers, this bangle is for you!

Corkboard Map

Build a version of the world the way you see it. The Corkboard Map is a self adhesive map of the world fashioned from cork which serves two important functions. Firstly it looks fabulous and compliments any wall you stick it to; the world is pretty cool after all. Secondly, you can use the push pins to attach photos, postcards, tickets and mementos of you travels.

Scratch Map ® Deluxe

When you prefer your map framed like I do, get the scratch map. The deluxe version is the more stylish Sister to the Original Scratch Map ®. The Scratch Map ® Deluxe comes with copper foil printed on beautiful matt finish black paper that features fascinating infographics along the bottom, revealing a wealth of facts and information about the land and oceans, presented in an engaging and colorful manner.

Dream Cities Colouring Book

Speaking of art, the coloring book bandwagon is still on. Join the hype and get one for your travel junkie friend. Forget the stress caused by traffic or delayed flights. Unleash your creativity, lose yourself and find that moment of zen in a wonderful colored universe. And oh, don't forget to throw in color pencils and pens! ;)

Lego Architecture

If they're not fond of coloring between the lines, then build! LEGO® Architecture series is ideal for experienced builders or anyone looking for a quirky addition to the desk or home. They feature iconic buildings of world architecture, all realized as LEGO models. If they want a bit of a challenge and if you have extra, get them the LEGO® Creator model.

Monogrammed Luggage Tags

When you ran out of ideas, customize! Luggage tags are probably the most simple yet useful gifts a travel junkie can have. This one is from The School of Satchel and their products are proudly made in the Philippines. They have a promo, if you purchase a set of 4 luggage tags, you get 1 free. Don't forget to provide them the 3-letter initials for gold foil embossing!

Luggage Bag Cover

Battered luggage bags are beautiful, it goes to show that your luggage has been to a lot of places. But if you're one those who own expensive bags (Rimowa, Tumi, Samsonite, heck.. even Louis Vuitton!), please do me a favor and cover them up! Suit Up is another company based in the Philippines. I actually ordered a customized cover, hopefully it arrives before my scheduled flight back to Manila.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Flying economy for long-haul flights could get uncomfortable as fuck. Make the experience a little bit bearable by getting a memory foam travel pillow, it supports the head and neck gently allowing you to sleep more comfortably when traveling. If Tempur is out of your budget, there are cheaper alternatives (but great quality too!) from Lonely Planet or Go Travel. Yes I know this isn't quirky but hey your neck will thank you in the long run. Haha.

Go Pro Hero4 Session

Last but not the least, a camera. Gone are the days when we need to carry our heavy dSLRs when traveling. GoPro recently released their smallest, lightest and most convenient GoPro camera in the market. The HERO4 Session featuring a rugged and waterproof design, easy one-button control, 1080p60 video and 8MP photos! I recommend this model for GoPro beginners.

If in case you've given everything in this list then the next best option would be giving them roundtrip tickets for their next dream destination. I'm sure they couldn't say NO to that! ;)