Merry Christmas, Travel Junkies!

Apologies for the lack of updates as I've been extremely busy since I got back in Manila. :) Reunited with my family (and boyfriend) whom I missed a lot and of course reunited with my friends too! I have a lot more to say but for now please check out this travel video I made yesterday while sick and stuck in bed (thanks to my period, sorry TMI).

Please try to watch in HD! This is a summary of what I did in Sydney (basically I go to school, then travel, back to school and travel some more!) from June-November 2015. It was one hella expensive experience to live abroad and I don't mind doing it again anytime soon. ;)

P.S. I want to send a shoutout to my favorite aunt: Tita Lulu, merry christmas to you and UJ! We haven't spoken since I left Sydney but please do know that I miss you guys so much. I heard you talked to Mama earlier, I hope you can give me a call too! Hehe. Love you guys!