Rosario Resort and Hotel

Oh my.. I missed blogging. I've been busy with work (signed up as creative consultant for the boyfriend's family businesses) wherein I just finished doing the website of locally based non-life insurance company website of Commonwealth Insurance Company. So yeah if you need a web developer and designer, let me know! Hahaha.

Moving on, they opened another business venture. This time it's a resort and hotel located in their family hometown of Rosario, Batangas. The town of Rosario is basically the gateway for those visiting San Juan or the beaches in Laiya.

We went on weekday road trip to the resort to take food photos for their restaurant menu (that I am designing too! lol). But before that, I kindly asked if I could check at least one of their rooms. I mean, I need new content for this blog right? Haha.

Here is their superior room and overnight rate is ₱2,000 inclusive of ala-carte breakfast for two.

In all fairness, the room was very spacious. I just don't understand why the table and chairs were placed beside the bathroom.

The bathroom was spacious as well but someone please explain why the mirror was placed on that side. Wrong location definitely but then I guess they didn't have a choice. #ConstructionProblems

Anyway, we didn't come here to review the rooms. Let's move on to the important part which is food. The chef prepared a few dozen meals for us and here are some that I liked:

We went on an Ash Wednesday so obviously consuming any kind of meat is not allowed. But look at that Crispy Pata! Nakakagutom!

I rarely eat shrimp when dining out. Nakakatamad magbalat so Paolo basically consumed all of this. Tastes ok, nothing really special but at least there were about a dozen shrimps per order so not bad.

I liked their Sweet and Sour Fish. Tastes just right! ;)

I can't wait to come back! :) I'm obviously not part of their target market but it's good to know that there's a nice resort and hotel right smack in the middle of Rosario that can cater to people based in Southern Luzon like Batangas and Quezon.

If coming from Manila, the fastest way to get here is to take the Ibaan exit (stay away from Lipa because of traffic) from Star Tollway and from there just follow the signs leading you to Rosario town proper. The resort is located along the National Highway in Brgy. Quilib, Rosario, Batangas.

For those interested to book or other inquiries you may visit their FB page or call +043 7404813 or +63917 987 0384.