Traveling In The Philippines During The Rainy Season

Summer is the favorite season for travelers but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy exploring places during the rainy season. However, in a tropical country such as the Philippines, this type of vacation requires careful planning. With the rainy season now quickly approaching (between May and October) – it is time to book your trip just like you did when you scouted the most popular summer locations in the country.

Don’t let the gloomy weather stop you from exploring the beauty of the world. Instead of focusing on the bad side of the rainy season, you should be focusing on the good things. Remember that you can get huge discounts on your flight tickets during the monsoon season. Hotels are also much cheaper during the low season, and you can easily find gorgeous islands which are much less affected by the rain.

Best destinations to visit in the Philippines during the rainy season

If you are planning to visit the Philippines during the rainy season then you should surely visit these places listed below. Sadly, popular places such as Palawan are not recommended as they are quite remote and badly affected by monsoons and typhoons. Instead, focus your itinerary on islands which are relatively sheltered, or largely populated areas where you can still enjoy your time even if it rains.

1. Visayas

With a collection of large and small islands, Visayas is considered as the cradle of the country. Out of all the places in the Philippines, this is one of the main destinations that are worth visiting. The scenic beauty of the place never fails to mesmerize its visitors. All it takes a single ferry ride to reach the island. Anywhere you turn, you are surrounded by long patches of coral reefs and stunning beaches waiting to be explored by you.

That's me on a solo trip to Bohol back in August 2016.

Thanks to its location, the whole Visayas region is relatively sheltered by the monsoon. It can still rain and most days will be cloudy, but it is much better than other places in the Philippines. This means it is a good opportunity to visit islands such as Cebu, Bohol and Boracay and pay only a fraction of the price you’d pay during peak season.

2. Siargao

Sohoton Cove, the heart and soul of Bucas Grande. Photo Credit: A Wanderful Soul

If you have canceled your plans of surfing in the Philippines because of the rains, think again. With the rainy season around the corner, you are going to witness some huge waves, approaching the shore. If you are out for some adventure, this is the best time for you to go out and surf. Speaking of which, Siargao is the topmost destinations when it comes to surfing. At Siargao, you cannot only satisfy your surfing urges but you can also dive into the blinding beauty of the place. For non-surfers, there is no need for you to be upset as the place has a lot of other things in store as well. For example, you can opt for a day trip or go explore Bucas Grande.

3. Cagayan De Oro

The best way to enjoy the Philippines during the rainy season is to participate in numerous water sports. When it comes to water sports, there is no denying that Cagayan De Oro is the place for you. Water sports are always more fun with a bit of rain. If you are game for some water adventure then you should definitely try out river rafting in the Cagayan River. Other than that, you can also enjoy some breath-taking sights around the city.

4. Manila

My friend Francisco making a quick pit stop at the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park, Manila.

Manila is one such place in the Philippines which can give you a great experience during the rainy season. There are dozens of things that you can do in Manila and this is what draws the attention of the visitors. If you happen to visit Manila, you can explore some of the museums around the place. Other than that, you can also enjoy other spots including Paco Park, Rizal Monument, Escolta Street and more. Even if it rains, it is very easy to travel around the city without getting wet.

5. Camiguin

The seasons in Camiguin are somewhat reversed to those of other islands in the Philippines, making it an ideal choice for a short vacation during the rainy season. This tiny island has a few nice resorts, decent nightlife and food options. But above all, the nature and attractions in Camiguin are simply superb. The island has no less than 7 different volcanoes you can hike at, and the underwater world is simply stunning as well.

Tips To Follow For Low Season Travellers

Now that you have made up your mind to visit the Philippines in the rainy season, you should once take a look at the tips given below.

1. Since you are going to travel during a heavy downpour, you should come wet-prepared. In other words, you should pack clothing suitable for rainy days along with raincoats and boots.

2. You should carry and wear lightweight clothes. This is to ensure that you are feeling comfortable while exploring the place.

3. You should also make a list of places that are worth visiting during the rains.

4. Consider planning your vacation in the Philippines with the help of a local expert. Delays and cancellations are common during these times, so it would help a lot if you have booked through a travel agency which will help you re-adjust your itinerary, and possibly even get some refunds!

5. One of the main things which you must do during the rains is to go surfing. This is something which you don’t get to enjoy every day. Also, the experience is totally worth it.

If you have plans to visit the Philippines during the rainy season, go along with it. There are plenty of things that you can do out there even during the rains. Well, that’s one of the best things about the Philippines that it never upsets its visitors.