My Favorite Travel Buddy: Intimina Lily Cup

Available in the Philippines through MenstrualCupPH

As girls, getting our monthly periods has got to be the most annoying part of our lives. I'm a regular since getting my period when I was 12 or 13 years old meaning I've been "suffering" monthly from this phenomena for the past two decades! But my life changed back in 2015, the year that I discovered menstrual cups!
A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that's made from high-grade medical silicone which is the best alternative from sanitary pads or tampons because they are reusable for up to 10 years! There are a lot of brands in the market today but I've been lucky enough to find the perfect cup for me during my first try.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact

The Lily Cup Compact is the world's first collapsible cup that folds flat and fits into a small protective case. Toss it in your backpack, purse or pocket, and you're good to go. Then, when you need it, it can be popped open for up to 12 hours of non-stop protection.

My main reason for switching to cups was that I'm on tight budget and tampons are becoming way too expensive for me. Little did I know that I'm not only saving my finances, but I'm also saving Mother Earth! What a bonus! It was definitely a life-changing decision that if given a chance to go back in time, I'd totally start using menstrual cups when I was younger.

To be honest, it takes quite a while to get used to it but it does the job so well that I've been recommending it to all my girl friends! It's best that you read and watch videos about Intimina Lily Cups beforehand so that the transition will be a bit easier. Information is key!

Fast forward to 2019, I'm married and have one baby (planning to have another one by the end of the year!), and also reselling these menstrual cups for a living. For questions, you may leave comments down below or send us a message on our Facebook page. ;)