Before Leaving Hong Kong

If you can't find anything nice to buy in HK (like us or probably because we're on a tight budget), just go on and splurge your pocket money on food. ;) That's what we did on our last day before coming back to Manila. Weight gain was expected but who cares! We're foodies at heart. We love Chinese food next to Japanese. Lol.

Anyway, for breakfast.. we ate at this small canteen near Hop Inn. Those are the type that you usually see around Hong Kong. Sorry I forgot the name but prices aren't that expensive (like probably less than HKD30-50 per meal) and serving was really huge. We ordered so much that we could probably ask 2-3 more people to join us in finishing our meal. Haha.

We've been craving for beef ho fan so I guess it wasn't that bad to order it for breakfast. And yes, we finished it! Well, Paolo actually finished it. I got too full from the pork dish I ordered.

Most locals like it hot but I prefer my milk tea with ice. :)

After breakfast, we hopped in the nearest MTR station and we're off to Central. The concierge at Hop Inn was kind enough to help us get seats/reservation for the very famous Yung Kee restaurant. I've been hearing about Yung Kee for quite some time now but wasn't that interested since I'm not a fan of roasted goose.

It doesn't make sense that the resto is popular yet I spotted only a few number of people eating here during lunch time. Or shall I blame the bad weather? It's been raining the whole day.

Century egg and pickled ginger. We thought it was for free 'coz they delivered it right to our table without asking but was shocked to see it included on our bill. Talk about tourist trap. The century egg was good though, tastes as is.

I forgot the name of this dish but I think it's a mix of goose and pork. Paolo and I had to share 'coz prices were ridiculously high and again we're on tight budget. We get to have our own cups of rice though, busog pa rin. Haha.

For the sake of having vegetables for every meal, we ordered this mixed vegetables hotpot called "Lo-Hon" with goose webs. Tastes good, not bad. :)

My verdict? Well, like Ho Hung Kee, there are A LOT of restos to choose from in Hong Kong. If you have a little extra then go ahead and splurge. But I think it's not the best out there. I'm no expert, I just want a good/great tasting food at a much affordable price. ;)

Moving on to the last part of our HK food trip...

At the HK airport now. Here's Paolo with his milk tea from Chatime.

What better way to end a tiring food trip with a katsu meal from Saboten? ;) Told 'ya we also love Jap food!

Wasn't able to try the Saboten branch in Causeway so thank goodness they have it in the airport. It was ok, filling meal as usual but then I was wondering why they had to serve it looking like that, not Saboten levels. I mean where's my Japanese mortar and pestle?

My meal from September 2012 HK trip looked more appetizing than what we had above. Lol.

Again, who cares! Saboten is Saboten and they still serve one of the best katsu's in the whole wide world! :) Any of you my travel junkies reader hungry yet? Kain na! ;)