Lantau Island

I've been to Hong Kong Disneyland for almost 5x already yet I haven't been to (believe it or not) the Big Buddha or Po Lin Monastery at Ngong Ping. It is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong specifically the area of Lantau Island. There are 2 ways to get here; via cable car or bus. Of course I chose to ride the bus,  very convenient for the non-adventurous travelers like me. Besides, it was really cloudy during our time of visit so I don't see the point of taking the Ngong Ping 360 route.

We were seated front row for our trip to Ngong Ping. It was a smooth ride and had a great view of the mountains, ocean plus small infrastructures surrounding the island. Round trip tickets costs HKD33.00 and takes around 30-40 minutes (one way).

Spotted a few stores/booth selling souvenirs, etc.

At the gate/entrance to Tian Tian Buddha. No need to pay 'coz entrance is free of charge. ;)

You need to climb the stairs with a total of 268 steps to get a closer look of Tian Tian Buddha.

The stairs reminded me of our trip to Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We're just lucky that the weather was ok, cold.. so it made it easier for us to get to the top without sweating that much. Lol. Just a little out of breath for sure.

At the top baby! :) Anyway, I think I may be the only person wearing a sleeveless top plus leggings for a 15C weather. I wasn't really prepared in terms of clothing for this trip. Haha. Check out this post from Tokyo where I wore shorts inside the temple and temperature that time was below 5C. Crazy!

Another proof that we made it to the top! Lol. Paolo posing with the 112 ft. tall big buddha. :)

The Po Lin Monastery is closed and under renovation.

Another tourist destination ticked off my travel bucket list with my favorite travel buddy in the world, Paolo.


  1. Can you provide a detail on how to get a bus from Hongkong to the Lantau island? Please be specific on the location as this would be very helpful thanks :)

    1. From Citygate Outlets (Tung Chung MTR), just walk outside towards the Ngong Ping 360 entrance and you can ask around for the bus stop that can bring you direct to the Tian Tian Buddha. If I'm not mistaken it's bus # 11. Bus departs every 30 minutes and trip takes around 30-45 mins as well.